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A Call For Submissions

So far the revitalised New Atalanta has had some great essays and articles, covering a wide range of topics. But we can't rest here! There are still many books, characters, themes and topic to explore - and you are the people to help us do it!

sangerin and I have compiled a list of topics that we'd love to see essays/articles/reviews about. Some of these topics are outside of our experience, or we think someone else could do a better job writing about them. So if you see a topic here that appeals to you, please do not hesistate to comment below.

Topics We'd Love To Read About
-The American Girl books
-'Naughty' girls in Girls' fiction
-Character studies of well known characters eg. Anne Shirley, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, Trixie Belden.
-Character studies of lesser known characters
-Reviews of your favourite book/s
-Reviews of books popular/well known/well regarded in your own country, but not as well known outside of your country
-Summer holidays/vacations in Girls' fiction

Of course if you have another topic in mind, we'd also love to hear from you. Just comment here, and sangerin and I will get back to you about it.

Remember, the more people that get involved, the more interesting and vibrant our community will be!
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