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Latest news from GGB

Sorry I've been a bit slack at this of late, but this is the latest from GGB, starting with the most important: a price rise.

We are very sorry to announce that, because of a huge rise in postal costs in August, our Band A books (both those published and those to be published) are going to have to increase in price from our next catalogue (probably early July). We have absorbed many postal increases but cannot manage this next one, which affects packages badly.

At this stage, we do not know exactly how much the increases will be but we will keep them as low as possible. (Pre-production and printing costs have also greatly increased, which has been a factor in this.)

Any books ordered during May and June, whether published or not, will be supplied at current prices, so this is your chance to put off delaying and buy what you want now!

Note: according to Betula of Topsy-Turvy, that price rise will be 1 GBP per book.

Fun in the Fourth
Girls Gone By have been very pleased over the last few years to publish books by some of the pre-eminent writers of school stories for girls, and we plan to continue re-publishing the work of these major authors. We are now delighted to announce our complementary new series, ‘Fun in the Fourth – Outstanding Girls' School Stories', which will enable us to broaden the range of authors whom we publish, and allow our readers to discover a fascinating range of books which have long been unobtainable.

The series will feature books by authors who only wrote one or two books in this genre, as well as a few of the best examples among the work of more prolific authors (such as Dorothea Moore) and some of the very rare titles by authors whose other books are generally easy to find second-hand, and whose output we therefore would not expect to re-publish in its entirety (such as Josephine Elder).

All the books will be notable in some way, and will have introductory background articles as well. School stories, and particularly those written for girls, were for a long time completely neglected, but over the last couple of decades have been receiving more serious critical attention.

This series will allow new generations to discover some of the best books in the genre, and will help ensure that its strengths are not underestimated.

The first title in ‘Fun in the Fourth' will be A Fourth Form Friendship by Angela Brazil, that doyenne of the girls' school story, whose first school story was published in 1906, one hundred years ago. We shall be announcing this in July and it can be ordered from then.

And finally, forthcoming titles that will appear between July and October (not available for order yet, although they soon will be):
The Chiltons by Gwendoline Courtney
Seven White Gates by Malcolm Saville
A Fourth Form Friendship by Angela Brazil
The Nightbird by Monica Edwards
Elizabeth the Gallant by Elinor Brent-Dyer
New Girl at Melling by Margaret Biggs
Black Banner Abroad by Geoffrey Trease
Summer's Ending by Helen McClelland
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