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Admin Post - Please Help!

To begin with, sorry for the break - it's been a really busy time of the year for your maintainers.

We're looking for specific articles for the next few weeks, beginning the 31st July. If you feel you can help with one of these, please comment!

Without help from you, New Atalanta will be unable to stay alive. You don't need to write a lot - anything from 100 words onwards would be great. If you offer to help, we will organise posting access for you.

Articles etc we're looking for
-A review of A Great and Terrible Beauty
-A review of any of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books
-A review of any Noel Streatfield book
-A review of any Jean Ure book

-An introduction to the Chalet School books
-An introduction to the Naughtiest Girl books
-An introduction to the Baby-Sitters Club
-An introduction to the Gymnast books
-An introduction to the Anne of Green Gables books
-An introduction to any Sweet Valley series

-A character study of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield
-A character study of any Baby-Sitter's Club Character
-A character study of any Chalet School Character
-A character study of the Fossil sisters

-A review of a girls' book/series from your country/area (eg. the Robin Klein 'All in Blue Unclouded Weather' books from Australia or the American Girls books)

-An artice/review/introduction of your own choice

Please comment if you can help with any of these. At the moment we'll go with one article a week unless there's a lot of offers.

Thanks in advance!
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