Melina (melwil) wrote in new_atalanta,

Statements to Debate - Number 1

As I mentioned last week, we're throwing around our format a little this week. I'm going to post three statements, which I hope will prompt some discussion and debate.

The Basic Rules of Discussion/Debate

-Be nice. Debate is great, unless it is abusive or mean. Mods maintain the right to delete comments that go beyond the boundaries of good taste/politeness.

-Make clear which statement you're discussing/debating

-If you want to discuss/debate more than one statement, please make separate comments - it'll make it easier for everyone.

The Statements

1. Sally would have made a better head girl of Malory Towers than Darrell

2. Jessica Wakefield did not deserve the amount of loyalty Elizabeth constantly gave her

3. School stories are old fashioned and irrelevant in the twenty-first century
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