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Atalanta - A Community for Fans of Girls Fiction
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Welcome to the new-look New Atalanta!

This is a community for articles, discussion, character studies and reviews – all directly related to Girls' Fiction.

Need a definition of Girls Fiction? Think Louisa May Alcott and LT Meade; think Brazil, Bruce, Brent-Dyer, Oxenham and Blyton; think Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley and the Gymnasts; think Meg Cabot, Gossip Girls and Circle of Three. Girls Fiction covers a whole range of topics, from school books to college books; from ballet books to horse and pet books.

Atalanta was a girls' paper edited by LT Meade, a British author of girls fiction from the turn of the 19th/20th century. In its turn, the paper was named for Atalanta, a woman of greek mythology

New Atalanta is a group blog – similar to Crooked Timber, Mason-Dixon Knitting or The Valve. Participants are asked to make 'post proposals' - book reviews; character studies; articles or essays on individual books or series, or on themes across series; graphics; recs and links to fic or to other people's meta. If the proposal is approved the editors – sangerin and melwil – will then schedule posts. We also have new book announcements, regularly made by katherine_b.

Have a proposal? Make it here!

Want to get an idea of the kind of articles we have? Check out our master list!

From time to time we will also have special events, such as weeks devoted to questions, or months devoted to a particular topic. Through these events, we hope to build a strong, vibrant community, full of interesting discussion.

Come along! Get involved!

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